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Hillside House Pure Summer Runny Honey

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Our summer floral honey produced a Great Taste award winning honey

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Our summer honey comes from the blossoms & hedgerows around the grounds of Hillside House in Great Shefford situated deep in the countryside of the Lambourn Valley.

This pure unblended local honey has been collected by our bees with the blossom & nectar of Lupins, Poppy, Clover, Elder, Hazel and Raspberry to name but a few.

Our Summer honey may crystallize, this is normal and can be made smooth by gently heating in a pan of water at low heat.

Our summer harvest produced the following tastes and nuances of malt, dried grass and molasses.

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2 reviews for Hillside House Pure Summer Runny Honey

  1. Richard Arthur

    I have bought the clear and set honey from their stall in Newbury market, and without hesitation I can say it is the best honey I have ever tasted…..gorgeous!!

  2. Ivan

    I bought some honeycomb today from the stall in Newbury market. Amazing taste and great local supplier.

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